Right from your first step to enter a pre-school up to the last step you’d make after graduating from a university, teachers and tutors are the ones who impart all the knowledge and education that an individual will need to be successful in climbing the career and corporate ladder.

What are the benefits of students having a tutor?

With an effective tutor, students don’t just excel in their current classes. The right tutor will also teach the abilities and prowess needed to be adaptable in any academic setting. A student that worked with a tutor is more likely to develop strong time management skills and an effective personal learning style for the betterment of their educational performance.

  • Tutoring enhances a person’s academic performance.

A study conducted in 2017 on Chicago high schoolers shows that one-on-one math tutoring can make an outstanding effect on how a student will perform academically. It resulted in the scarcity of failure in math and higher test scores in the same topic and other subjects. Having a person to teach you that has a tight grasp on what you are trying to learn is no doubt a great advantage when enhancing your academic performance.

  • Tutoring is the best alternative for parents.

Like it or not, other nuances in your daily lives hinder your availability to focus on your children’s education. But it doesn’t mean that you should put your children’s education as a second priority. Getting a tutor to make sure that a child’s education is not getting neglected is a great move. Nothing is more comforting for a parent to know that their child is in good hands. On the other hand, a child with a tutor who teaches them how to improve their academic standing flourishes more than if they are left to fend for themselves.

  • Tutoring provides personalized learning.

In a traditional class of twenty to thirty students, it is not surprising that some of them get ignored. Each individual has their learning style, after all. Having a tutor who teaches you in a one-on-one setting is one of the best courses of action if you want to receive a personalized learning experience. Tutoring will also help you ask more in-depth questions regarding the subject matter you are taught with. Sometimes in a traditional classroom setup, it can be difficult to ask questions like that.

  • Tutoring helps with self-esteem and confidence.

A person with a tutor receives a targeted learning experience and guidance, and because of that, they acquire a better understanding of a specific subject matter compared to their peers who are being taught in a different learning environment. Enhancing a student’s self-esteem is one of the long-term effects of tutoring. It encourages them to don’t give up easily and work harder because, in their eyes, someone believes in the talent and knowledge that they possess.

How to become a tutor with The Literacy Council?

The Literacy Council aims to make education and literacy instruction accessible to families and individuals. We are not founded to be profitable. Instead, The Literacy Council supports children and out-of-school adults to improve their quality of life. Improving their reading and writing abilities is where we focus most on.

Currently, we are looking for more tutors to join our team. You don’t need teaching experience to be qualified. All you need to be is an 18-year-old with a GED or Highschool diploma. Once accepted, you’ll only have to tutor for at least two hours every week. You choose to tutor all in one day, or multiple days a week.

Tutoring with us can be in-person or virtual. Choose which location suits you the best! A public library, any public location, or the learning center at The Literacy Council. You can check out our learning center here.

Here at The Literacy Council, we offer training workshops for aspiring tutors. Complete the form below to register for the training workshop!