The Literacy Council Gulf Coast (LCGC) is proud to announce its award of $15,000 for the Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation grant in 2014. The grant will support direct programming costs, such as the purchase of textbooks, computer software, and other educational materials.

Established in 2011 following a merger of Literacy Volunteers of Lee County and the Literacy Council of Bonita Springs, LCGC is the second largest nongovernmental, nonprofit literacy agency in the United States according to ProLiteracy®. The Council offers classes in worksite literacy, adult literacy (including U.S. Citizenship & GED preparation), and Family Literacy (includes the successful Carol DeJoy Moms & Tots® and Kids+ Lifelong Learning programs). In 2012-2013 over 3,000 students participated in adult and family literacy programs. The average cost to the organization is under $200 per year to provide one student with English classes and materials. We are able to accomplish this incredible impact through responsible board governance and the dedication of over 800 volunteers.

“LCGC is honored to receive this award,” commented Council President and CEO Susan Acuna. “I want to personally thank on behalf of our board of directors, staff, supporters and friends the Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation for their support of literacy and education among disadvantaged populations in southwest Florida. Our program success is becoming a model in the adult and family literacy community. This good work isn’t possible without the continued investment of our friends and supporters.”

“Through literacy education, we empower our students to improve their quality of life, in turn making our community a better place to live and work together,” added Acuna. “Literacy is the key that unlocks an individual’s ability to learn. The CICF recognized the impact they can make through our organization and we thank them for seeing the opportunity to make such a difference.”

About CICF: The Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation (CICF) focuses its efforts on programs that are designed to improve the quality of life in the communities served by the cruise industry. CICF supports programs that enhance educational opportunities for youth, including those designed to improve literacy, teach basic life skills, and promote good citizenship. The Foundation also supports academic enrichment opportunities aimed at enhancing student proficiencies in reading, math and science.

About LCGC: LCGC offers programs in four primary areas: adult literacy, worksite literacy, family literacy, and the College Community Collaboration project at Edison State College. Each of these successful programs is designed to help students improve the quality of their lives through literacy and language skills. These programs encompass multiple classes, and include both group and individual tutoring opportunities.