It is important to keep kids learning over the summer so they do not experience the “summer slide.” An easy way to keep kids engaged with education is to let them play educational games or apps. Here are 10 online websites that offer educational games for kids.

  1. PBS Kids Games
    • PBS Kids is known for the education-based entertainment on TV and their website is no exception! The website includes games that help with math, science, reading, teamwork, and healthy habits.
  2. National Geographic Kids
    • Did you know there is a National Geographic made just for kids? The website for kids has over 100 games that include science, action, adventure, geography, quizzes, and puzzle games.
  3. ABCMouse
    • ABSMouse became popular when they started offering a full learning curriculum for kids, but they also offer fun and interactive games! The games help with reading, math, since, and art.
  4. RoomRecess
    • RoomRecess offers games for kids in grads K-6. The games were created by an elementary school teacher and focus on learning concepts such as math, reading, spelling, language arts, typing, and problem-solving.
  5. GoNoodle
    • This interactive website makes staying physically active fun. Kids can race through space, dance, play goalie in a soccer game, and more!
  6. Buzzmath
    • Buzzmath makes math fun for students in grades K-12. The site takes kids on a time-traveling journey to meet some of the most influential mathematicians.
  7. GeoGuesser
    • GeoGuesser is a great website to help middle and high school students with geography and social studies. The game will drop the student in a random part of the world and using context clues they have to try and guess where they are!
  8. High Stakes Heist
    • In this game, an evil villain has stolen from the townspeople and the student gets to play the hero. They have to solve equations quickly to return the belongings to the townspeople before time runs out!
  9. NASA Stem Engagement
    • NASA offers an advanced website for middle and high school students to design their own space station! In the process, they will learn about space and the science behind designing space stations.
  10. Creativity Express
    • Creativity Express! offers interactive art lessons for students in grades 2-8. This website does not just teach art, it promotes creative thinking in all parts of life!

We hope this helps your kids stay active in education over the summer. If you try any of these sites let us know which ones were your favorites!



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