A growing addition to the curricula offered by the Literacy Council has led to this announcement: employee literacy program volunteers needed! The on-site Employee Literacy Program is a resident-organized program offered at golf and gated community worksites as well as local business locations.

Why an Employee Literacy Program?

Employees who can communicate with management and customers – or residents, guests, patients, etc. – improve the efficiency of both themselves and the organizations, not to mention raising the comfort level of all.  Students do not have to travel to classes to learn English, and in residential communities, tutors do not have to travel far to volunteer. The potential for a boost in employee morale is huge when they recognize the significant effort being put forth by management to help them improve their everyday life and their earnings potential.

How Does the Program Function?

Typically, the volunteer tutors come from the organizations benefiting from the program, e.g., members of a golf club, residents of a condominium complex, etc. The students may be maintenance workers, food service employees, housekeeping attendants and those in other similar roles.  Most classes meet only during season (October to April) for many organizations utilizing them have seasonal residents or club members.

How Are Employees Motivated to Sign Up?

Successful programs require solid, continued support from top management. In addition, an enthusiastic volunteer coordinator from the organization is needed to help match the tutors and employees and ensure the smooth functioning of the classes.

How Are Tutors Recruited and trained?

We can help. We can provide an outline for a sample announcement that you can use for your organization’s publications. Once you have six to eight volunteers, we will set up a tutor training at your facility. The workshop will prepare the volunteers to teach English to an adult. 

Has the Program Been Proven Successful?

Unquestionably,  we currently oversee similar programs at gated communities such as Pelican’s Nest, Pelican Sound, Colliers Reserve, Imperial Golf, Shadow Wood in the Brooks, Shadow Wood Preserve, Bonita Bay, Worthington, Spanish Wells, Bentley Village and Spring Run.  Club managers have promoted many of the program’s students once they’ve reached a satisfactory level of competency. And tutors tell us they love being able to contribute their time and effort in their own communities plus feel rewarded o witness the progress of a student learning English. It is a win-win for all.

How Do We Get Started?

Simply call Susan Acuna, the Council’s President and CEO, at 239 676-5202, and she will get your program started. The only fees are related to the training materials for tutors and textbooks for students.