The Literacy Council Gulf Coast was awarded nearly $6,500 for the Gannett Foundation Award for Literacy, for their innovative collaboration with the Lee County School district called Kids+ Lifelong Learning.  This program, now in place in fifteen Title I schools in Lee County, Fla., teaches parents — often times together with their children. Research shows that when parents are more involved with their child’s education, student performance will improve. LCGC will use the funding to further develop the Kids Plus program and share non-identifying program success with the Gannett Foundation and the News-Press. Currently, LCGC is underwriting all program funding. This program has the potential to save taxpayers millions of dollars and impact the success of students through teaching parents.

This free education LCGC provides to parents empowers them to become more involved in their child’s academic success.

The Literacy Council places a high priority on fiscal accountability and funding diversification. In fact, it costs the Council less than $200 per student per year to teach English. This cost includes salaries, electricity, books, and materials. Government programs cost thousands more to operate and they do not have the infrastructure in place to effectively focus on family literacy.

This program falls squarely in line with the News-Press’s priority on public education and educational funding.