Literacy is often put on hold over the holidays. This holiday season, the Literacy Council Gulf Coast would like to encourage you to make giving the gift of literacy a priority.

Whether you are giving the gift of literacy yourself, your children, your friends and family, or your community, here are 10 ways you can give the gift of literacy this holiday season!

  1. Make reading a holiday tradition.

We all have holiday traditions such as baking, watching movies, caroling, and decorating. Why not make reading a holiday tradition. You could pick a holiday book to read each year or you could give a new holiday book each year!

  1. Give books as gifts.

Even though it may not have made it onto the wish list, give at least one book as a gift.

  1. Read and write holiday cards.

When you receive new holiday cards this year practice reading them out loud. Creating a craft to make holiday cards can also be a fund way to practice writing!

  1. Read the recipes when cooking and baking

If you are cooking or baking any treats let whoever needs the extra practice read the recipes.

  1. Make room for books

Putting together a bookcase and decorating it can be a fun holiday activity! Having books on display can help encourage you and other to pick up a book rather than the TV and could even inspire guests to give you books as gifts this year.

  1. Create a reading area

Create a cozy reading area in your home to curl up with a good book to help naturally encourage reading and help it become a daily ritual. You can also encourage teens to use their devices to read e-books or listen to audiobooks.

  1. Make time to read

It can be hard to set time aside for reading with all the distractions from technology these days. This holiday season turn off all the electronics and dedicate thirty minutes for reading. If you are traveling, pack books or download e-book and audiobooks for entertainment!

  1. Donate books to local literacy programs

After you have made room for books in your home you may find that you have some unwanted ones. You can donate your used or new books to local literacy programs.

  1. Donate to local literacy programs

You can also make a holiday donation to help support your local literacy programs, after all, it is the season for giving.

  1. Sign up to volunteer

Organizations are always happy to gain new volunteers. If you have the time to give, consider signing up to volunteer with your local literacy programs.

Literacy can help improve the quality of life for adults and can help children be ready for or excel in school so whatever ways you chose to use, let’s make literacy a priority this holiday season!