Help Your Child Improve Their Reading This School Year

As many children prepare to return to school this month, it is important they are prepared to succeed in developing their literacy further. Here are 5 steps to help your child feel ready for any reading challenge that comes their way. 

1. Encourage your children to read at home

The biggest preparation for classroom reading is helping your child get used to doing the same thing at home. If they read regularly at home, they will feel much less pressure associated with reading in the school setting. Furthermore, reading at home can give them the chance to get immediate help with troublesome words or phrases.

2. Make reading fun and not like homework

While some children naturally love reading, others may need some encouragement- and that is okay! Help your child enjoy reading time by creating a comfortable and fun space to read in, such as a blanket fort or special chair. Remember not to make reading a “big deal” but rather a fun activity to partake in during leisure time.

3. Provide books they enjoy

If your child enjoys the books you have available, great! However, if they seem disinterested in what you are offering then switch things up for them. Think of things they like and look for reading level appropriate books that match their interests.

4. Be the example by reading yourself

Your acts have a huge impact on your child’s learning. Chances are, if they see you reading often then their interest will pique. Talk with your child about books, read together, and make reading a part of your family life in general.

5. If your child is struggling in school, consider a tutor

If you have been trying everything and your child still struggles with reading in school, consider seeking assistance. There are many literacy programs available through schools, local libraries, and tutoring services. At the Literacy Council Gulf Coast, our experienced tutors are fully equipped to improve any child’s literacy, even if English is not the primary language at home! If your child is struggling and could use outside reading assistance, contact us!