The following is a post from one of our students. This is, In Their Own Words: Anna. 

My name is Anna. I am from Poland. I live in the United States for six years. I study English with the Literacy Council for two years. In our class we have people from many countries. From Germany, Jamaica, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Colombia, El Salvador, Haiti, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic.

We have an excellent teacher Vicki. We study grammar, reading, and writing. We do a lot of conversation. When I came to the United States I didn’t speak or understand any English. The lessons have helped me a lot. I can even speak on the cell phone. Last year I decided to take Citizenship classes to prepare myself for the exam.

Today I’m very happy because my Daughter came to me from San Francisco. For me, she is a treasure. She is very proud how I improved my English!

I would like to say thank you to my teachers Vicki, Arline, and Linda and all my friends in the class. Also I would like to mention my husband who is helping me with my everyday life in United States.

My husband left Poland 35 years ago to escape Communism.

Thank you to all those people in the audience who have donated money so that this program can continue and help others like me to learn English.