We are announcing a fun name the statue contest that will add an important piece to the Literacy Council’s identity. The new logo that we are using is derived from a beautiful three-foot statue given to us by the DeJoy family.

The statue was a favorite of Carol and Jim DeJoy who were not only generous benefactors to the council but lifetime supporters of literacy, education and the love of families. It depicts a figure cradling and reading to two children.

Not only is it now the basis for our logo, but it will be on permanent display in our lobby along with a picture of the DeJoys and will serve as a constant reminder of their love, generosity and commitment to literacy.

But, we need to name the statue and are asking the public to submit their names for it. A committee will select the winner and we will announce it when we unveil the statue and picture of the DeJoys in our lobby foyer.  Contact us and submit your suggested name under the message section. Help us memorialize the statue!