National Reading Group Month is dedicated to bringing groups of readers together to help promote their love of literature. There are plenty of virtual or local book clubs you can join, or you could start your own! is a great resource to find an existing book club to join and they can help you find one virtually or locally. If you would like to start your own book club, you can inquire at your local library about book club kits or use online resources such as Once Upon a Book Club or Book Club Box.

Here are 10 benefits of joining a book club:

  1. Encourages you to finish books
  2. Creates a community
  3. Provides new perspectives
  4. Promotes a love of literature
  5. Boosts teamwork
  6. Helps create a hobby
  7. Better your writing skills
  8. Introduces you to new books
  9. Allows you to express yourself
  10. Lowers Stress




Once Upon a Book Club

Book Club Box