Literacy Council Gulf Coast (LCGC) has been improving the English language and reading skills of adults and children for over 30 years.  Usually, students have limited ability to communicate, causing them to avoid getting involved in their community and pursuing job opportunities. One of our students named Grasiela came to the states from Guatemala. She never attended school in her home country and had minimal communication skills as she did not know how to speak Spanish or English and solely relied on the dialect of her community to communicate. She came to America for a better opportunity and began working at a farm in Immokolee. Graciela knew she could achieve more if she learned to speak English, but was unsure how to achieve that dream. Thanks to a local store clerk who directed her to the Literacy Council, her life has been changed.

Literacy Council Gulf Coast offers classes in English language and conversation, preparation for the GED and U.S. Citizenship test, computer literacy, and other focused subject areas. 

Once Grasiela walked through our doors, there was no stopping her! She now speaks fluently in English and Spanish and is pursuing a GED. Education has improved her life in more ways than communication. She has been able to hold a steady job that has helped her to purchase a vehicle after passing her driving test, and is now focused on completing her GED and pursuing a college degree. Our more than 500 volunteer tutors helped to make this happen for Grasiela and other students just like her. We offer one-on-one and group classes that are all free of charge.

Help Literacy Council Gulf Coast continue to be a welcoming opportunity for many.

The benefits of education and literacy are undeniable. The benefits become evident when the spotlight focuses on the importance of educating women. Globally, women make up a majority of illiterate adults in every region. They account for 479 million, or two-thirds, of the global adult illiterate population. Though the literacy rate for women in Guatemala is high, Grasiela fell into the 20% that was uneducated. Literacy Council Gulf Coast has represented 62 countries, including Grasiela’s homeland, and has helped almost 2,700 students.

We need to maintain our services and can with your generosity.

You don’t have to come by yourself, bring the family!  We offer literacy learning for everyone, including Moms and Tots Family Literacy for mothers and their young children and Kids + Lifelong Learning for parents in Title I schools. Additionally, we offer work-site literacy programs at local golf/gated communities. Our program serves residents of Bonita Springs, San Carlos Park, Estero, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, Cape Coral, Sanibel & Naples.

Will you help us reach our goal of $180,000 to keep our doors open?

Due to COVID-19, we lost critical funding to support our efforts of educating men and women in SWFL. We are in need of $180,000 to make up this deficit. Will you join us in making this possible?

Studies show that the efforts of literacy programs like ours, have a decisive impact on the future. Individuals, families, and communities will see the benefits, particularly for the literate women we are educating today.  Join us!

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