While summer can be a fun and enriching time for many children, it is common to see children lose some of their accumulated knowledge in the months between school years. This stagnation can make it particularly difficult for children to stay on top of reading and language skills, and often results in extra difficulty when school resumes in the fall. The good news is that there are steps you can take to keep summer fun and exciting, without compromising your child’s learning.

  1. Encourage reading over the summer. Many children read very little during the summer, if at all. One of the best ways to keep your child’s literacy skills sharp is to make reading a fun part of their summer activities. Even just a little bit of consistent reading can be a major help. Make reading fun by providing them with engaging books and perhaps some rewards for significant milestones.
  2. Relate reading material to experiences. Provide your child with experiences they may enjoy that are related to what they are reading. For example, if they enjoy reading books about wildlife, consider visiting a zoo or spending time in nature together. Any venues or activities that are relevant to what they are reading can be valuable assets in keeping learning and reading fun.
  3. Consider enrollment in a summer program or camp. Summer learning programs are a great way to help your child avoid learning loss while also providing an opportunity for social interaction. Many local libraries run summer literacy programs at an affordable price and have the resources to keep most children engaged and excited to attend. Additionally, the Literacy Council offers several family literacy programs that may be a fantastic fit for your child. Learn more here.

Every child is unique and learns at their own pace, so do not be discouraged if it takes time to develop a summer learning routine. With a little consistency and some fun reading material, your child will likely be going back to school as sharp as ever!