Unsure Which Program is Right For You?

Literacy Council Gulf Coast (LCGC) has provided literacy services for students across Lee County and North Naples for nearly 25 years. Every student is unique, with different goals and needs. We strive to create a welcoming environment that encourages learning, while working with each individual to help them reach their objectives through our numerous programs.

LCGC offers four primary programs: Adult Literacy, Worksite Literacy, Family Literacy, and the College Community Collaboration Project. Each of these successful programs is designed to help students improve the quality of their lives through literacy and language skills. These programs encompass multiple classes, and include both group and individual tutoring opportunities. Please read our program descriptions and then our Schedule of Classes can help you find a class near you!

Family Literacy

Family Literacy encompasses both the Carol De Joy Moms & Tots® Program and the Kids+ Lifelong Learning Initiative. The Moms & Tots® Program is dedicated to empowering at-risk mothers through increased literacy and language skills, while also preparing their pre-school aged children to enter school. This unique program teaches mothers and other caregivers in small groups, helping prepare them improve their English language skills and increasing their communication skills. Meanwhile, their children are given basic instruction to ensure that they have the foundation to begin a successful academic career. Mothers and children are then brought together and continue their education through art, educational toys, and reading. Based on surveys and our research, 100% of child graduates reach the program goal and enter school at, or above, level with their peers.

The Kids+ Lifelong Learning Initiative also serves to educate both parent and child. In this class, the parents of older children enrolled in Title One Schools come to the school and receive tutoring. This program enables parents to take a more active role in their child’s education. Students whose parents have an increased presence in their education have better attendance, are more likely to graduate, and perform better on tests. This program currently operates in fifteen area schools. Last year, 602 adults and 247 children participated in the program.

Adult Literacy

Adult Literacy offers classes in English language and conversation, preparation for the GED and U.S. Citizenship test, computer literacy, and other focused subject areas. Adult Literacy classes incorporate several types of curriculum for English Language  Learners such as Side by Side and English in Action, as well as the Barton Reading and Spelling System, which aids students with learning disabilities, including dyslexia. During the 2012-2013 year, LCGC assisted 1,891 adult students.

Worksite Literacy

The Worksite Literacy Program is an innovative method that encourages gated communities to invest in their employees, and enables the employees to create better opportunities for themselves. Residents volunteer through LCGC and dedicate time to teach English to the community’s employees. Having classes available at the workplace removes barriers that might otherwise prevent the employees from pursuing their education (for example: transportation, time, etc.). Employees who participate in the Worksite Literacy Program become qualified to move into management positions with their current employers. Employees become more marketable individuals, capable of communicating with customers, vendors, and the public.

College Community Collaboration

LCGC’s final primary program is the newly implemented College Community Collaboration (3C) with Edison State College. Through our partnership with the college, and with support from the Southwest Florida Community Foundation, we are able to help students enrolled at Edison who are in need of remedial education. To ensure that students are given the tools for success, LCGC provides tutors to operate at the Fort Myers Edison location, offering services in English reading and language comprehension, as well as college level writing.

Whatever the need, Literacy Council Gulf Coast is prepared to offer services to improve the lives of our students. Interested in learning more or getting involved? Contact us today!