What New Year’s resolutions are you setting this year?

One of the top 10 most common New Year’s resolutions is to read more. Although we may start out strong with the goals we have set for ourselves, life inevitably becomes busy, and our resolutions can fall to the wayside. The best way to stick to our New Year’s resolutions is to create a habit. Here are 10 tips to setting a resolution that sticks:

  1. Mentally prepare for the change
    • Changing or creating a new habit is not an easy task. Before starting, it is important to take a step back and prepare first.
  2. Make it daily
    • Consistency is key to creating a new habit. By reading every day it will eventually become second nature in your daily routine.
  3. Be specific
    • Be specific about your goal. Is your goal to read a certain amount of time each day? Is your goal to read a certain number of books each year? Add details to your resolutions so you can create a specific habit.
  4. Take baby steps
    • A new habit can be daunting so therefore, it is important to take baby steps. Start by finding a small period of time to read each day and as your resolution becomes easy to accomplish each day, add more time.
  5. Commit to thirty days
    • It takes thirty days to create a habit. Commit to accomplishing your goal for one month.
  6. Stay consistent
    • Along with setting out to create a habit of your resolution, decide what time in your day works best for you. Carving out time each day will allow you to be consistent, and therefore, have a higher chance of creating a habit.
  7. Get a buddy
    • Set the goal with a friend and hold each other accountable. Check-in with each other at the end of each day to see if you have accomplished your resolution goal.
  8. Write it down
    • Write your resolution down where you will see it each day. Having this visual reminder will increase your chances of making a habit.
  9. Make a plan for challenges to arise
    • Some things in life can be planned for, while others happen unexpectedly. Do your best to plan ahead for foreseeable obstacles and be prepared for unexpected ones to pop up.
  10. Reward important milestones
    • Before you start your resolution, set up a reward system for your milestones. Pick rewards that will help you stay motivated, as well as establishing realistic milestones.