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Student Satisfaction Survey 2013 –
Analysis of Results: 206 Responses


  • During the months of April and May 2013, 206 self-administered Student Satisfaction Survey questionnaires were distributed and collected among current Literacy Council students.
  • The purpose of this survey was:
  1. To understand the satisfaction level of the current students in regard to their classes
  2. To gauge the length and breadth of students’ study habits
  3. To ensure the instruction is at the appropriate level.
  4. To measure how staff and tutors treat students.
  5. To ask for suggestions to improve the school
  6. To find out about their goals and if they’ve reached them.

Executive Summary

  • The overwhelming majority of our students reported satisfaction with their classes.
  • Their most important goal is to be able to communicate with others in English.
  • The majority of our students are taking classes at the appropriate level.
  • The students rate treatment by the staff and tutors as excellent.
  • Students report that the Literacy Council programs are helping them succeed.

1. Are you satisfied with the school?

  • Over 98% of students are satisfied or very satisfied with the school.

2. Has studying English helped you to perform better?

  • The majority of students say that studying English has helped them perform better.

3. Is your English class at the right level for you?

  • Only 2 students out of the 206 said their class was at the wrong level.

4. How were you treated by the Literacy Council Staff?

  • Almost all students said they were treated excellently by the Staff.

5. How were you treated by your tutor or teacher?

  • The students responded that the tutors treated them with respect

6. What is the one thing you like the most about the Literacy Council?

  • I like everything; was the most common response.
  • Everything is very good.
  • Patience of the tutors.
  • Conversation class.
  • How we were treated by the staff and tutors.
  • Friendly atmosphere.
  • We learn so much vocabulary, phonics, and grammar.

7. Are there improvements that you could suggest?

  • Homework
  • More pronunciation
  • More speaking
  • Smaller groups
  • More classes
  • More level of Classes (Ft. Myers, Lehigh, and Cape Coral)

8. What are your goals?

  • To speak better English
  • To speak English fluently
  • To write English
  • To read English
  • To become a nurse
  • To learn to speak English so I can get a goo job
  • To get my GED
  • To improve my pronunciation
  • To help my son with his homework
  • To go to college

9. Have you achieved your goals?

  • Not yet – still working diligently
  • A few said yes