Even though school is out, it is important for kids to continue to read. The summer break can sometimes lead to the “summer slide”, where kids lose their academic skills while not in school. Data shows that on average, students who do not read over the summer lose 20% of the knowledge they gained the previous year. Here are some ways you can keep your child reading during the break.

  1. Enroll kids in a summer reading program –
    • There are many summer reading programs all around the world that you can enroll your child in. Check with your local library and see if they have a summer reading program or look online at organizations such as Scholastic.
  2. Let them read what they want –
    • Kids have enough required reading during the school year. Over the summer, let kids find books they want to read!
  3. Organize literacy activities –
    • Sometimes, activities can be more exciting than reading and seem like a special treat to kids. There are many easy literacy activity ideas online that you can use for your child.
  4. Make dedicated time in your schedule for reading –
    • Set aside special times each day for your child to dedicate to reading. For many families, this is close to bedtime or while younger siblings are napping. The most important thing is to find the time that works best for your child.
  5. Bring them to the library –
    • Libraries are a great place for kids to pick out books, see other people reading, and participate in reading activities. The library can also be an exciting weekly activity that kids look forward to!
  6. Read to them –
    • Parents reading out loud can provide the same benefits to kids who do not like to read. It can also help them get into the habit of reading and learn to love it.
  7. Find books in a series –
    • Find a series that your child loves! Something amazing happens when kids find a book they love and just cannot put it down. Imagine having a whole series full of books your child is excited to read.
  8. Make it fun –
    • Not all kids find reading fun. Create rewards for your child to make reading more fun or find other literacy activities your child will enjoy.
  9. Use technology –
    • If your kids are using technology already, why not make it beneficial for them? There are plenty of educational apps and games online to keep your child’s skills sharp during the summer and they won’t even know they are learning!
  10. Get the whole family involved –
    • There are many ways to get the whole family involved in reading. You can start a reading challenge to see who can finish the most books, or you can all read together during that set-aside time.



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