This is a story from a Literacy Council Gulf Coast tutor that shares the depth of the heart of learners of literacy!

Yesterday in Lehigh, sheets of rain and wind whirled around our streets. I didn’t expect a great turnout for the ESOL class and was surprised when 8 eager students showed up. Because of the weather, the class was extended until 10:45 am.

As I was putting away the materials to leave, 3 students appeared covered up in towels and jackets. These 3 met for the first time in class last week and organized a carpool. The car got stuck under the rain on Lee Blvd. The car was left behind under the care of a mechanic, and the 3 women huddled together and walked towards school. As I opened the classroom door, they asked for forgiveness for their tardiness and explained that they wanted to hand-in their homework assignments.

I was truly touched over their determination and dedication!! Their willingness to learn, regardless of the elements, affirms that there is a need for the Literacy Council of Gulf Coast to expand.

  • Lily, proud LCGC Tutor