Reading to children from an early age can help improve their literacy skills. There are many advantages of developing literacy skills from a young age. Here are ten reasons to read to your children and help them develop early literacy skills.

  1. Creates bonding time
    • One of our favorite benefits of reading to kids is bonding time. At the end of a long day, setting time aside to read with a child provides time to spend together and connect.
  2. Builds a longer attention span
    • Kids who are read to from a young age learn how to concentrate sooner and they usually have a longer attention span.
  3. Brain development
    • Reading has many benefits for the brain but especially for children since they are like sponges and can absorb knowledge fast.
  4. Expands vocabulary
    • Reading books from an early age introduces them to lots of new words, the meanings of them, and how they are used.
  5. Improves reading skills
    • The more words kids know, the more likely they are to learn how to read earlier.
  6. Improves writing skills
    • Similar to reading earlier, kids will be able to write earlier as well.
  7. Helps kids do better in school
    • Kids who read not only do better in English but better in all subjects.
  8. Improves communication skills
    • Along with expanding vocabulary, reading also provides more talking points that otherwise would not come up.
  9. Creates a habit
    • It can be difficult to create a habit as an adult, but when kids grow up with a habit they tend to stick with it.
  10. More likely to be successful in a career
    • As you can see, kids who are read to from an early age develop many skills including English proficiency, communication, and do better in school. This helps them be suited for high-level jobs when the time comes.



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