Improving reading comprehension is a lifelong task. Whether you have been reading English literature your whole life or are in the early stages of building your literacy, there is always room for improvement. Here are a few tips for improving the way you read and remember.  

1. Improve your vocabulary. Running across unfamiliar words can get in the way of understanding what you are reading. However, this challenge is also a growth opportunity. Try looking up unfamiliar words as you come across them and write them down. This will improve your memory of these new words over time and expand your vocabulary.   

2. Explore new topics. Reading about topics you’ve never dug into before can expose you to different words and styles of writing. Becoming familiar with various writing styles, words, and topics can improve your reading comprehension overall.  

3. Read without distractions. Being interrupted by noises, notifications, or conversations can get in the way of understanding and remembering what you are reading. Try moving to a quiet location free of potential distractions before you read.  You may also want to leave your phone in another room.

4. Take notes as you go. Try noting the main idea of a passage or writing your thoughts as you go along. This can help you reflect on what you are reading and helps you remember some of the main takeaways later on.  

It can take time to improve your reading comprehension, so do not be discouraged! Try out these tips next time you sit down to read. If you or someone you know wants to improve their English literacy and reading comprehension, contact us here at the Literacy Council!