Like most nonprofits, we cannot do what we do without our tutors. At the Literacy Council Gulf Coast, our tutors not only change the lives of the students, but they also change the world. Here are six ways our tutors make an impact.

  1. Better jobs –
    • Some of the most common jobs among people who do not have the best literacy skills are construction, carpentry, and other labor jobs. These types of jobs are often rough on the body, have long hours, and low pay. Individuals who are more fluent in English typically have more job opportunities.
  2. Promotions –
    • It can be hard to start over at a new job, especially if you like where you work and the people you work with. Higher English literacy skills opens opportunities for individuals to move up in their current workplace.
  3. Higher education –
    • Not only does the Literacy Council help students earn their GED, but many students pursue higher education, opening even more doors for themselves.
  4. Citizenship –
    • The Literacy Council prepares students to take their citizenship tests. Becoming a citizen gives students more opportunities and allows them to be more involved in their community.
  5. Starting a business –
    • Many of our students come to the Literacy Council with dreams of starting their own business. When Igor came to the Literacy Council, he was a chef at the Ritz Carlton, but had dreams of opening his own business. The Literacy Council gave Igor the English literacy skills he needed to pursue his dream and now he is running his own food truck called Easy Cheesy that serves fresh pasta all around Naples, FL. You can learn more about his story here!
  6. Helping children with homework –
    • When parents or caregivers do not have adequate literacy skills, they are unable to help their children with homework. This not only affects the parents, but it also affects the children. Before Kim came to the Literacy Council, she did not have the skills needed to help her children, but now her boys are thrilled to have their mom help them with homework! Here about Kim’s journey here.

We are always looking for dedicated and motivated volunteers who want to help change a life. Sharing the gift of English with a student brings satisfaction to both the tutor and the student. Students improve their level of reading, writing, speaking, and understanding English. No foreign language or teaching experience is necessary – we will train you! Depending on your interests, you can teach an individual student, a small group, or a large group. Sign up to become a tutor today!



The Lifelong Impact of Illiteracy

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