“I worked with a lawyer in Venezuela who sought and received asylum in the United States. We worked on improving his English so that he could take his real estate license test. He received his license, and just this spring he graduated as a paralegal from Edison State.” – Comment from one of our tutors.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our volunteer tutors and staff, our students are indeed improving their abilities as a result of study at the Literacy Council. Their life challenges create many obstacles to learning, but for those who are regular attendees, the results are dramatic and their lives are truly improved. We are thrilled with the growth our students have exhibited. Independent Sector, in 2018, calculates the value of volunteer work at $24.69 per hour (Based on average hourly, nonsupervisory wages + 12% fringe benefits).

Volunteers gave approximately 82,922 hours to students and the Council in FY 2017-18.

82,922 Hours x $24.69 = $2,047,344 (BUT WE THINK YOU’LL AGREE. IT’S PRICELESS.)